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The NexChange Way


harnesses the power of collaboration with the best minds in operations, strategy and business information technologies. Every day, the ranks of highly qualified independent professionals increase, due both to global economic trends and a shift in the personal career preferences of the very best consultants. The cream of the crop now thinks that the most secure working future is an independent one.

But how do you fit the best and brightest together? Body shops can't provide you with a team and a proven engagement method. And the inflexible capacity of traditional consultancies results in unnecessarily high fees.

NexChange offers a new, third path.

NexChange knows that all world-class consulting professionals understand how to work in the best methodologies. We've distilled the best of these engagement approaches and offer a variety of simplified, "unbranded" best practices for achieving your business goals.

The result? The value of an independent contractor combined with the power of a smart, simple process.

The best of both worlds.

The NexChange Way.




Project Control




Keeping track of the magic triangle of project scope, schedule and budget sometimes seems impossible. This is why we design NexChange projects to bring you unsurpassed project control, built into the engagement right from the start.

How? A commitment to collaboration. We begin each engagement by structuring a blended project team, a motivated self-sustaining group of consultants and company experts, with two project leaders - a NexChange project management lead and one of your own trusted managers. We make sure that our blended team follows our comprehensive project management methodology, a simple, straightforward implementation of the best practices known throughout industry as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK.)

This proven structure ensures that every recommendation is evaluated against realistic needs and opportunities, and instills a project discipline that often carries your success far beyond the boundaries of the project scope and schedule.

Engagement methods are only part of the solution, though. Our unique Project Dashboard technology, built into every project,provides you with comprehensive, instantly updated project information - schedules, documents, contacts and events - through a safe, secure and convenient web interface.

We keep you in control.  It's the NexChange Way.



NexChange Knowledge Network



Knowledge, indeed, is power. Growing this resource and leveraging it to the service of business is one of our primary missions.

Our core methodologies and project management standards provide a solid foundation for building the specialized knowledge you need to survive and thrive. In qualifying our network of consultants, we add their project and subject area expertise to our Knowledge Network, offering you not only a rich network of solution providers but a rich reference library of proven solutions as well. The NexChange model assures you access to the widest variety of industry solutions available on the market because NexChange taps into experts whose experience spans the widest range of firms, industries and geographies.

Network activities and opportunities are powerful incentives for our consultants as well, filling a need for collegial interaction and learning that are unavailable in a contract recruiting environment. The opportunity to participate in learning exchanges beyond the confines of one's own role in an organization also differentiates the NexChange experience from traditional consulting firms in the eyes of leading independent consultants. We continue to develop additional opportunities for training and benefits to make sure we're "skimming the cream" of the independent consulting market, capturing the loyalty of the best and the brightest.

Why did we design NexChange this way? Because we care to bring the best thinking to our clients by crafting the best knowledge organization available to the independent consultant.

Collaboration rules.

It's the NexChange Way.


Nex Change ®
The power of collaborative consulting.


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