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The power of collaborative consulting.

"You're onto something."

"They have been involved in most every aspect of our business including supplier certification, developing laboratory procedures and standards, implementing work flow and productivity enhancements, improving warehouse layout and systems, integrating our MIS with production and perhaps most importantly, working with us to develop a cohesive accountable management team...they've helped us become the leader in our industry."

"We have been particularly pleased that your personnel have been able to interface so well with our people. Their efforts have helped us through a very difficult period. As you know, the past six months have been a time of growth. We have absorbed product lines from other manufacturing facilities, added several new products and rearranged the physical layout of the plant. To accommodate these changes meant hiring and training a large number of new people and overcoming space, material and scheduling problems. In this environment your people not only assisted us in making the transition as smoothly as possible, but they actually enabled us to make substantial productivity gains at the same time. Even though you told us that this would happen, we must confess to a certain amount of skepticism.
Happily you were right.

"Your team was pleasant, tactful and hard working. Part of the system involves formalized training, since their solution for improving productivity rests first in the hands of those foremen. The system has been demonstrated to have produced improved productivity in all areas of the factory with the most recent savings report reflecting departmental productivity increases ranging from 4% to 47%."

"This is how the international marketplace will find the best consultants - and how the best consultants will team together.
This is the future of consulting..."