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Who is a NexChange consultant?

  • A NexChange consultant is a seasoned operations, IT or strategic planning professional who knows it's time to take control of his career and reap the full reward for his work.
  • A NexChange consultant is an expert who needs an administrative and marketing team to let her do what she does best - finding and implementing solutions for her clients.
  • A NexChange consultant is a professional project manager who understands that creative ideas become solutions only if you know how to manage scope, schedule and budget.
  • A NexChange consultant is a young engineer who lives in Bangalore. Or a newly graduated MBA from Boston. Or an innovative web designer from Silicon Valley.
  • A NexChange consultant is an entrepreneur who has a new idea and wants to build a profitable consulting practice with the help of some of the best minds in the consulting world.

Are you a NexChange consultant?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is NexChange?
A: NexChange is a company that searchs out the best�operations, strategic planning and IT talent in the world and builds them into teams to serve Fortune 1000 clients.

Q: Why should I consider NexChange?
A: If you seek more control over your consulting career but can't overcome the hurdles of marketing, team building and client administration, you need to consider NexChange.

Q: Why do clients come to NexChange?
A: Clients come to us seeking a new way to resource consulting help. The NexChange Model provides world-class talent wrapped in a reliable engagement methodology - yielding superior project results at a fraction of the cost of the old line consulting firms.

Q: What type of engagements can I expect?
A: Our practices are described here on�our site. Engagements can range from large, long term commitments for the world's largest companies, to single resource interim roles in companies that serve local markets.

Q: How are engagements managed and how do I get started with a client?
A: We provide project management infrastructure for our clients as part of our commitment to project excellence. Before you are assigned to your first project, we provide you orientation training in The NexChange Way. During your assignment, a NexChange Client Partner will help with client relations. After your engagement, we solicit feedback from our clients to help us improve our service - and your skills.

Q: How often will I be able to work?
A: As often as your skills are in demand, based on your track record with NexChange, client reviews and the cost you set for your services.

Q: How am I compensated?
A: As a 1099 consultant. But NexChange also offers a whole range of other incentive opportunities for consultants with project management or business development skills.

Q: Do you take a fee from me?
A: No. Joining NexChange does not require a fee.

What do I do next?

Interested?� Begin with us by filling out this simple questionnaire. � A NexChange representative will contact you for further information regarding your skills, your experience and your ability to respond to our clients.

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